Watch the Summer Olympics on RTVE in Spain

RTVE will not only broadcast quite a lot of matches from the European Championship in football during the summer of 2016, but they will also broadcast the entire Summer Olympics to the people of Spain. If you want to watch the action on RTVE then you can either watch it on your TV screen at home or at the RTVE website online. If you should try to watch the RTVE… Read More »

Watch Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid on RTVE

On January 30th it is time for a fantastic top match in Liga BBVA. The match will be between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and it will be played at the legendary Nou Camp in Barcelona. Would you like to watch the match? It will be broadcasted on RTVE in Spain, meaning that you can freely watch it online on their website if you want to! To watch RTVE online you… Read More »

Watch Spain win Euro 2016 on RTVE

Did you know that you can watch Spain win the Euro 2016 on RTVE? Maybe they will not win, but if they do, then you can watch all their matches throughout the entire Euro 2016 live online on RTVE. RTVE share the rights to broadcast from the Euro 2016 with Movistar in Spain. While Movistar will show way more matches from the European Championship than RTVE will, the most important… Read More »